the problem with dove’s viral ad.

after seeing this video go viral with up to 7 million views I had to watch it a few times to decide what I thought of it as it does seem very cheesy at first with its soundtrack and tears, however the underlying message is one of severe importance- of course beauty ideals and their problematics have been discussed for decades now but still there are no changes. Dove is known for trying to shift away from unattainable ideals to more ‘realistic’ ones , however by posting this video beauty and image is still in the centre of all dialogue when it should be about a woman’s intelligence, achievements. Even when women do say they are beautiful then they criticised for being full of themselves.. it’s definitely a tricky one but this article discusses all relevant points.

“What if Dove had filmed a woman who looked exactly like one of the “negative” self-descriptions — maybe someone with a heavy brow line and a prominent mole and deep, dark circles under her eyes? Someone who wore a size 14? And what if that woman had said to the sketch artist, “Well, first off, I’m really pretty.” Imagine how the Internet would react. Indeed, one of the campaign’s participants says, “There’s a stigma around the word ‘beautiful,’ feeling confident, and using that word about yourself.” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”


One thought on “the problem with dove’s viral ad.

  1. I had the chance to do few follow-up for Dove campaigns during my internship in a media agency in Brussels, and I think they have a really good creative team, because all the Unilever campaigns had a big delivery on the internet: they have a good message, well-targeted and they know how to use the new tools around social media and virality. They usually have a simple message, focused on well-being. I like the way they counter-use bias we learned from society but it seems impossible to make abstraction of them, and moreover we can’t forget the commercial purpose. Even in their website they adopt a marketing discourse, with their ‘social mission’, their difference with the others…

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