we are all cyborgs now

Since I’ve been writing a lot about the digital self, I came across this video and it’s perfect.
Everyone has a second self – its active all the time whether you are on or offline. You present yourself in similar way in digital world as real world.


3 thoughts on “we are all cyborgs now

  1. I really like this video and watched it when I started writing my Cyborg essay. If your are interested in this stuff you should read Andy Clark’s ‘Natural-born Cyborgs’ . For himwe are human-technology symbionts, thinking and reasoning systems with minds and selves that are spread across biological brain and nonbiolocigal circuitry. I think approaches like this help us to rethink our relationship with technology as something on the outside, as a one-sided relationship we control and can break off easily. As our dependence on technology becomes more visible in the digital age, it also becomes more important to bring to mind how technology is a condition to our functioning in the world.

  2. [A cyborg, short for “cybernetic organism”, is a being with both organic and cybernetic parts.]

    In light of this actual definition. We are all definitely cyborgs! I love this topic, and what it conveys.

    Does that make those who have ‘pace-makers’ in their hearts cyborgs? Contact lenses, a prosthetic and externally created film, that augments and ‘corrects’ vision for the human? Are regular eye glasses- individually created to help the viewer see- whether they are long-sighted or short sighted? Will google ‘glasses’ take this idea further and where will ‘we’ or the ‘human’ end and the ‘cyborg’ part begin?!

  3. This video was really interesting: she did a great presentation by starting with a separation analogic/digital, technology/body seen as an extension of our body and switched it to make it blurrier as technology is present in cellular research and become a part of us (biologically improved). For example slowing the ageing (Never Grow Old | BBC Documentary | Medicine – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGxT5RJG51U ) or heal the body with technology (BBC Horizon – Fix Me (Documentary) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeyAsZY5Y9U )

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