Popularity of blogs and rise of self expression era. Everyone has a blog nowadays.

This blog entry focuses on concept of blogging and the changes its undergone in the last decade.

Research has argued that blogs written by young emerging adults are less about direct interaction with others than about careful self-presentation.

Blogs include several characteristics of new forms of digital media including a highly interactive ability for countless individuals as well as a digitised presence on the internet. Initially, blogs had several purposes which ranged from navigating the internet before search engines became ubiquitous to being extensions of diaries into the cyber world. Traditionally, however, creators of blogs, or ‘bloggers’, would combine lists of useful links and observations about current events, articles or personal experiences. Over time and with the development of software that enabled dated entries the blogging community was propelled towards a new era dominated by detailing individual experiences and observations each day. By nature of giving individuality absolute priority blogs in particular have given rise to a ‘me culture’.

Consequently, the focus of blogs shifted from providing information, to the opinions and experiences of the individual, the blogger, which is the single most important aspect about blogging identity.

The largest amount of blogs that are out there I think, are about fashion. I have numerous friends who upload daily pictures of their style, new handbag, their favourite fashion show, fashion films, and any detail you can imagine has to be posted.

This is an amazing short documentary that highlights the problems it has created within the industry as everyone can have a blog, everyone can go and take pictures of street style, and it is harder to identify the legit bloggers from the fake wannabes. At the same time though, bloggers are of so much importance to brands to reach an audience:

70.4% of blogs are of the personal journal type – in which authors report on their lives and inner thoughts and feelings.

62.6% of bloggers state that their main reason for blogging was to document their personal experiences and share them with others.

Great Article and interview with Susie Bubble/ one of the most influential bloggers of the fashion world. –

“You might ask, why does it matter if I’ve not earnt any respect from the industry?  Aren’t you an independent fashion blogger who flouts the rules?  As we all know, that isn’t how it works.  I don’t work within my own parameters or to put a pun on it, in my own bubble.  I have to work with the industry to get the content that I’m after and I’m happier for it.  We can talk about the “good and pure” days of fashion blogging but I remember it as a time when I’d email PRs or designers and get ignored or when I would have to sneakily take some crappy pictures in a shop because it was forbidden to do so”


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