notes week 9

  • Theorizing the
  • Focault & Deleuze – Power & Knowledge (related) because power is necessary and produces knowledge. // Alternative knowledge trajectories deconstruct everything
  • Panopticon surveillance- social media – measured environment- invisible public :
  • Judith Butler and Queer Theory – identity as an effect of performance, we become something through performing it. Gender is completely constructed
  • Principle of the net is CONTROL- controlling power lies in technical protocols that make network connections
  • CODE
  • How much is my identity determined by the protocols of social media that I use?
  • everything is remixable
  • Deleuze and Guattari: Virtual and actual: real but not actualised, Psychoanalytic/marxist foundation/ scientific basis
  • crowdsourcing and technology cannot be separated. 
  • – suggestive metaphor – smooth vs striated space- no absolute escape, on way out into spaces.
  • Alternative to Facebook: – users are more in control, 
  • Humans and technology: peer to peer technologies
  • ANT= ACTOR NETWORK THEORY – letting your actor (object,subject) speak. Latour reassembling // a good description doesn’t need an explanation. always implicated in the network. 



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