week 8 notes

live streaming

The pirate party– campaigning process of influencing decision makers.— liquid democracy & post SOPA–network politics — hactivist politics (policy circumvention) — occupy (relation to all before- embodies themes that run through campaigning and affect change directly)

29c3 : long live the protocoletariat  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HHhGKgYUGY

falkvinge.net : entrepreneurship for microbusinesses/ abolish tuition fees/ public wifi

feedback learning environment

The pirate party:

  • origin was swedish pirate party
  • defense of information society
  • free sharing
  • ‘niche concerns’ (sound niche compared to issues such as war, poverty)
  • Rick Falkvinge is the founder- got into the parliament with enough votes on June 7 2009- he banned the shutting down of the internet in the EU
  • tapping into the PROCESS – people want to engage in being part of the politics
  • attack on connected lifestyle

Liquid feedback/ liquid democracy

http://liquidfeedback.org/ = requirement of engaging, discourse tool, ability to delegate- finding hybrid between representative democracy and direct democracy. Used to come up with policies and decisions. It is still very contained. Creates framework where you can be part of the party. Aim is to make it more transparent

thinking in a set of patterns and in a set of technologies.


elpartidoX. – more of a wiki party- transparent internet based agile social movement

economist article: the new politics of the internet- everything is connected: http://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21569041-can-internet-activism-turn-real-political-movement-everything-connected information politics, internet politics, based on specific issues just as the green movement and environmentalism was based on for example nuclear issues.

you could therefore compare the current events to the 60s counterculture- culture- hacktivism, cultural formation, – digital 60s.

http://www.newrepublic.com steven johnson why social movements should ignore social media– digital interface- blogspot.co.uk critiques steven johnson.

The lean start up: innovation through experimentation. pivots/waterfallstages/ agile product development and eliminating waste.

unknown problem and unknown solution. methodology for tackling problem- technology incorporated. continuous testing with the real customer

people don’t know what they want until they have it. you dictate to the customer.

co-creation and co-production.

openings made by technologies.

self-organisation and not just decentralisation.

political entrepreneurs – actors that create policy circumvention

Gabriella coleman – http://owni.eu/

occupy sandy .net – what people do after with the tools they have- help becomes immediately available

occupy wallstreet- handsignals.

live stream presentation:

  • 1994 in california was the first live stream

  • sales, advertising, sponsorship- create revenues
  • fashion was all livestreamed this year for the first time.
  • 2012 tiestos concert livestreamed
  • RIP keep tweeting
  • challenges broadcasting models
  • questions of legality, immediacy, engagement, interactivity, real time discussions, shared experiences, natural unity,

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