At my new internship I am in charge of all social media aspects for which is one of the only archive style website out there that contains hundreds of high fashion films and campaigns. As I myself am very much into fashion film – it is not so much the luxury and products that attract me to it, but rather the cinematic, surreal experience and especially top quality production that goes into this work just to enhance the designer’s brand. It’s actually crazy but nevertheless and interesting world I want to get to know more about.

Facebook as I’ve managed before is generally easy if content is good. – likes have gone up by 20,000 since I started, yet the ‘talking about’ and ‘twitter followers’ have not followed quite the same path and are creeping up slowly slowly. Although with the changes in Facebook pages management recently the reach has seem to gone down by around 10% and more emphasis has been put on the urge to pay to promote posts. They seem not to understand that they need pages providing engaging content in order to continue to grow, or even stay as they are, many people are extremely upset and if it stays so bad then it will easily push people away from having pages. Until now we have not paid for a single promoted post, which shows that you can do without, if your content is engaging and I think it’s unfair to push independent creators into the same direction as large corporations who pay daily for their outreach.

Two useful articles in relation to the topic:

I’ve research tips and tricks for the twitter follower but it seems that you cannot really force people to follow you by using fake followers, or following others in hope that they’ll follow you – it does simply come down to the brand and its content and WHO is following you. I figured that as our main content is video, twitter is not going to be the best tool for this as people do not want to be watching 20 videos a day and can use the facebook page for this. So i’ve started to tweet about recent films, filmmakers, film festivals, and all the news around it and once in a while linking back to our site to get more traction.

I was never a twitter user myself before, so I use this page as my profile and am actually finding it very useful and definitely impressive. It seems you need to repeat your tweets 5 times a day as well in order for them not to sink somewhere in the sea of tweets.



I guess that’s the nice thing about social media though that there is no magic trick to become a hit and content does need to be of quality and unique.


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