Flash mobs presentation


flashmob presentation script:


In summary, flashmobs are an indication of the evolving communication technologies that continue to empower people. what emerged on the streets of Seattle and Washington was an activist model that mirrors the organic, decentralised, interlinked pathways of the internet- basically the internet came to life.

Slide 2:

So what’s next for the flashmob?Although flashmob solidarity continues to thrive as people are planning the next global flashmob, they really have become a media event above anything else. Because making a political statement in ten minutes and wilting into the background, doesn’t quite work symbolically.

Slide 3:

As always when these events get bigger and hit millions of views of youtube views- there’s going to be a backlash and decrease in levels of popularity and coolnes. The ‘next big thing’ then appears and at this moment in time that happens to be the “harlem shake” – whose videos have gone viral since beginning of feb.

slide 4:

this is what happens in the “simultaneous and instantaneous” world in which we live where there are no familiar boundaries and no organized points of view. Flash mobs and internet memes will forever exist only as a form of quasi-communication, whose purpose is self-proliferation and infinite repetition.

Slide 5

And so we must ask ourselves how much of this flash mob movement was a creation of the media? And how can we use digital media to become empowered participants rather than passive consumers?


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