Notes week 6

  • Storyville- BBC i-player- How hackers changed the world/ Hactivism
  • Bangladesh Warm crime- lofi cyber culture- – cyber war
  • Forensic architecture- investigative journalism-evidence gathering- crowdsourcing verification- how ambiguous is all this stuff?
  • Mode of deployment “get excited and make things” – Before the Keep calm & carry on movement
  • Citizen science
  • Makey Makey- an invention for everyone- Jay Silver on
  • Net Art- Good and Bad times for making and thinking- David Gauntless “making is thinking” making and creating culture. 
  • = repair/restart 
  • Biomapping with Christian Nold
  • The quantified self- body as machine/mind as control/cybernetic feedback
  • 3D printing, public libraries, makerspaces = accessible knowledge
  • Urinal by Rob Myers – Duchamp inspired- conceptual example –
  • Technologies as an unconscious- making reality plastic- print your own gun. raises questions of governance. real plastic guns vs fake plastic guns .
  • Internet switched off in Egypt in January 2011 – specific words banned from text messages.
  • The free universal construction kit – = connect toys you couldn’t connect before
  • Arduino Blog 
  • open traffic counting platform –
  • London hackspaces have exploded- M.I.T – self organised and funded. CNC computer control tools. Biolabs/Biohacking/ ever more fashion students are collaborating with hackers because of the technology they want to incorporate into their fashionwear but do not know how. 
  • a haberdashery for technology and education dedicated to helping people to produce and not just consume technology.
  • the makers guild around Brixton -Guild is a medieval reference around craft- 
  • Balloon and Kite Mapping, grassroots mapping – form of environmental monitoring


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