the 8 best social media campaigns 2012

Came across this interesting article

2012 was a good year for social media. With more than 1 billion active monthly users on Facebook, more than 175 million tweets per day, more than 104 million visits per month to Pinterest, and more than 4 billion hours of video watched on YouTube each month, social media is exploding. Well, really, it has exploded.”


Why this is one of the best social media campaigns of 2012:
The product is smart; razors are expensive, and Dollar Shave Club provides significant business value. The brand kept the video short and relatable, yet bold. The video included a few “choice” words and humor that resonated with the target audience.

Another of the top campaigns was:

Honda #Pintermission (Pinterest)

The goals of campaign were to drive awareness to the newly created Honda Pinterest account, while encouraging followers to “get out and live life to the fullest.” The brand also sought to deliver personalized messages in order to build relationships with followers. Here’s how the campaign was implemented on Pinterest:

Honda offered $500 each to the most active pinners (as identified by Mashable) to take a 24-hour break from Pinterest (a “Pintermission,” if you will) to go out and do what they’ve been pinning about doing. Each pinner also received a personalized invitation and, if they accepted, they had to set up a personal #Pintermission board where they shared photos of their 24-hour Pinterest break (not during the break, of course).


Honda’s use of Pinterest was very creative and innovative. The message of the contest corresponded with Honda’s messaging (particularly around its new CR-V) to get out and live life. It’s also fascinating to build a campaign on a platform that encourages users to take a break from that platform. And then, of course, encourage those who took the break to share what they did on their day off.


  • Engage the audience- get them to participate in the campaigns themselves
  • choice words
  • humour
  • sharing of images
  • sticky hashtag (example the #MakeItCount)
  • being selective- ex. Grey Poupon Facebook page: used an app to scan their users fb profiles and see whether they had good enough taste to be real fans of their page. This way they ensured that their Facebook community was really there for the brand.



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