Flash Mobs Ignite talk

Below are some useful links to help get prepared for the ignite talk on flash mobs.



  • how trendy are flashmobs still in 2013?
  • viral is only viral when it’s original.
  • core structure of flashmobs:
  • selection of high frequented & public places
  • Flash Mobs lead to a highly surprising and emotional experience among its participants and passers which leads to an increase in the acceptability and success of this marketing instrument.
  • the popularity of Flash Mobs can be increased very fast by embedding them in social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Blogs.
  • However, Flash Mobs and similar innovative marketing instrument whose success depends on the level of newness should be used with some caution. A too much and too frequent and therefore inflationary use may lead to neutral or even worse, reverse effectsas they become predictable.
  • http://www.sirc.org/articles/flash_mob.shtml“Smart mobs emerge when communication and computing technologies amplify human talents for co-operation.” Unsurprisingly, flash-mobbing is included as part of the smart-mob phenomenon. However, Rheingold’s notion of the smart-mob has a political element – contributors to the why-war website argue that they would like to see this political element in flash-mobbing, as it has the potential to become a new and effective form of political protest.”
  • SMART MOBS:A platform for online social activism and digital citizenship in schoolsA smart mob is a self-organizing group of people who operate like a swarm of bees or a flock of pigeons. Scientists have long studied the intelligent ”emergent behavior” of hive-style animals. But texting on cellphones is now allowing humans to behave in the same way — forming into a group that is controlled by no single person, yet which moves as if it has a mind of its own. Since mobile text-messages can be instantly forwarded like e-mail pass-arounds, the mobs frequently involve masses of people who have never even met. ”They enable people to act together in new ways and in situations where collective action was not possible before,” writes the technology thinker Howard Rheingold in his book ”Smart Mobs,” published this fall.


    Flash mobs also appeal to a wider audience both on and offline. The fun and contemporary stunts are circulated on traditional and digital media reaching out to a wider audience helping to generate stronger brand awareness and drive traffic to websites and products.

    Here are the five most common themes we have found for a successful flash mob:

    1. Use social networking to its full potential. Set up a Facebook event, organise “tweetups” and use mobile apps to assist on the day whilst the event takes place.
    2. Be proactive. Take pictures and upload the performance onto YouTube or Daily Motion. The more your pictures and videos are circulated, the more you optimise brand awareness.
    3. A good product behind the flash mob is essential. A creative stunt will bring you heaps of traffic, but if you don’t have the product to keep people’s interest, all your hard work could be wasted.
    4. Pick a bustling, central location – give people no choice but to notice you. A flash mob won’t work if there is nobody to see it.
    5. Choose an appropriate performance and make sure it stays true to your brand or cause. If you’re a start-up, a “Freeze flash mob” could be an exciting and thought-provoking way to get people talking about your brand!
  • So how can you create a successful flash mob for your business? Here are five easy-to-follow steps.
    1. Organize the event using your social channels. Consider a Facebook event, Twitter hashtag, and blog post about it. Include where it will be and when, encourage people to keep it a secret and give them the heads up that the dance moves are coming.
    2. Teach the moves. Get your choreographer (Data.com used their employees) to create a dance routine that works for a variety of dance levels. Then publish a training video on YouTube and share it across your channels.
    3. Record the dance party. As the flash mob is occurring, have multiple cameras all around it. Record everything.
    4. Quickly edit and release the video. Kevin Micalizzi from Data.com stayed up until 2am editing the video that night to ensure it launched in a timely fashion. You want to share the video when it’s fresh in participants’ minds so they look for it and share it.
    5. Anaylze results. Beyond the number of YouTube hits, flash mob dancers and Facebook event attendees, consider if your flash mob met your marketing goals. Did it create the awareness and buzz you needed? Reassess and determine your future efforts from there.



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