Week 5 notes

social business as a form of campaigning in itself. 

  • crowdsourcing
  • fundamentally being about change
  • processes, communications, purpose, commerce,
  • example: Applebee’s overnight social media meltdown: photo essay
  • social media: “it’s a boundary fucker”

Read: What is web 2.0 O’Reilly

The cluetrain Manifesto 1999: The end of business as usual/ reformation business/ markets are conversations/ campaigns are conversations that bring about hybrid change/ the game has changed. http://www.cluetrain.com/book/index.html

The Guardian ‘All trials campaign’ to keep science public – all pharmaceutical trials should be published whether they fail or succeed. — not a networked campaign

Buzz Machine 2005, “dell lies, dell sucks” http://buzzmachine.com/2005/06/21/dell-lies-dell-sucks/ – started blog criticising DELL customer service and user experience – at first it was ignored by Dell but then they took this experience to turn it around and created open innovation: http://www.ideastorm.com/ where lots of customer ideas actually turned into reality.

A similar open innovation website is http://www.innocentive.com/ which allows you to pitch ideas and even profit from them.

http://www.antonymayfield.com/ networks and hierarchies// making social business reality

Adapting to life in perpetual beta – there is no social media strategy – http://www.jarche.com/

http://wearesocial.net/ from a social brand to a social business- catalysed, mediated by technologies.


The IT crowd, the IT departments- affects underlying department- they have the keys in their hands- denfense/security

http://www.openideo.com/ – open innovation platform. democracy in the workplace- driven by social media. — ties back to employment

Angry Birds: exploitative example- used open source// tragedy of the commons 1960s- people will always exploit.

Stiegler “in certain dosis it can be a cure, or a poison” – relates to social media

Who actually gets to define identity? mental health? – all are being contested over now

IkeaHackers : making different things from ikea furniture- using what’s already there to create new things. – platform21.nl takes it even further.

Plasticity of second life: how social media interact with our desires and fears- Alone together – deeper psychological structures beneath

www.kickstarter.com  – money version of crowdsourcing, reward systems- social validation

blmx.com- tim o’reilly – face of silicon valley – “the only way to create value is by solving real world and environmental problems. Business should just change and be about making the world a better place – shift in business ideology- big hairy audacious ideas make big companies.


Ignite talk on craftivism:

  • practices positive change
  • highlights causes
  • form of self expression
  • Betsy Greer 2003-creator
  • kneed for good
  • values
  • causes
  • opposition to mass production
  • help local communities
  • enable environmental sustainability
  • anti-capitalist thinking
  • yarn bombing- covering statues, buildings with yarn – especially military structures
  • coopa roca- high fashion brand- women in brasil living in favelas get to sew and their work can end up on the catwalk
  • technology will save/repair us
  • communication tools helped the spread of craftivism: flickr, fb, sharing pictures, helped create community online, — physical and digital relationship overlapt
  • cohesive goals: free time and disposable required
  • failure to raise awareness- you cannot find any criticism of craftivism anywhere- no debates about it
  • measurement of awareness is itself a strategy –
  • result of social change is not visible.
  • hackspaces// stitchlondon

further class notes:

open source: practices emerged more successfully. computer scientist: orthodox thinking- affordances of technology

google/android- open source vs apple: closed.

trajectory of social changes are coming from everywhere and is highly ambiguous, but where is it going?

Kickstarter task:

Create, define, outreach, promote, rewards,

Idea: create a multicultural musical version of Bob Marley’s “one love” with people from all over the world singing in diff languages, using traditional instruments. create a 5min new version of his song.

  • Pledge £5 or more: you receive a personalised gift card
  • Pledge £10 or more: you receive a personalised gift card and a download of the song
  • Pledge £25 or more: you receive a personalised gift card, a signed cd and a download of the song.
  • Pledge £300 or more: you receive a signed guitar (original from the song) plus all the above
  • Pledge £1000 or more: you can spend the day with the team and realise one of your ideas for the music video and be credited for it.

Video Idea:

Animation of a spinning globe, zooms in on each continent with different “sounds/musical traditions” – all comes together to produce “one song” – bob marleys one love version starts to play – “come together ”




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