social media campaigning week 4

Mapping as campaigning. Google maps: cartography

  • Maps Highlights: What’s new and what’s not new about social media.
  • Community (crisis-very open term)
  • Capacitation: conceptual ideas, practical techniques, physical resources

O’Reilly: what is web 2.0? : Great open source map tools for web developers.

protocols are like laws. Maps contain crowdsourcing and the power for social change.

Bahrain Google Earth: Virally Spread even though it was nothing highly technological at all. The map showed the private property size compared to the town. It was then uploaded to google earth and outrage followed. good example of something’s purpose being repurposed.

Open Data: Landownership

Tunisien Prison Map: No one knew where they were located, only rumours existed. Example of Geobombing-

Rendition flights- private flights delivered for torture on behalf of the C.I.A. Train and planespotters- contributed to recording of rendition flights. artists/activists who are just messing around with stuff. V2 Rockets on London.

Googlemaps- my maps- SUKHI kettle.

Maptivism in London-

Syrian Uprising Facebook Group: 2011 Information centre

Satellite Mapping- purchasing satellite images on behalf of the U.N; implicit shift beyond professionals.

Mountain View Office – Google World. Street View. bangalore office- immense labour behind all of this structure.

street sign recognition. optical character recognition/ facebook facial recognition . Location based search advertising

Google vs. Ios Maps – War driving: sniffing packets of information (google was caught out doing this) // privacy invasion

law on the streets // law on the internet: things are not exactly fixed but all can be explored and experimented with and condensed. – everything is linked as open data

ITO: world mapping the crisis- response to Haiti earthquake

When google maps changed their license and API it created a domino effect

Map Kibera map of Nairobi- Girls Security- peer based projects- free and open map sponsored by UNICEF- People act as sensors : connects from an sms to Ushahidi. Mapping for advocacy, crowdmapping and deployable framework. Creation of a map? Or is there something formative there? Does it achieve something?

Geeks for Haiti: Crisis camp – self organized – different tools come together to help victims of earthquake- programmers, journalists, developers, bloggers

WIKILEAKS: Impact & Future

  • IT use, dramatic reduction of costs enabled people to put this information together — COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE
  • The nature of journalism has changed
  • Wikileaks popular as seen through facebook likes and twitter followers – inspired others to do similar: thaileaks, indoleaks .
  • Companies blocked money going into wikileaks but then they sponsor things like the ku klux klan- Ethical??
  • Is Julian Assange Wikileaks? Or is he just a face? Tracking its pathway seems to be unsolvable.
  • Bradley Manning- more attention on him – in military court now.

Zombie journalism

Creating Crowd Maps: example: tornado in south east london-create categories: blocked roads, meeting points, emergency centres, open gp services. enables you to send reports through forms and hashtags on twitter.

Technical framework of crowdmaps- not so intuitive.

Benefit of street mapping yourself- gets you out of the tunnel vision- enables you to focus on details around you



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