week 2 class notes

Agile Campaigns: Contest power struggles

Aaron Swartz: Computer programmer- work fused with death (eulogy) -http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324539304578259803051656488.html

News of the world- Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks “tweet me” buttons- advertisers who left news world (boycott) – In & out list of companies who withdrew. Highlights the snowball effect of sharing outrage on online platforms in an active way.

Real time research/action reporting/citizen research. The power of brand damage: vodafone, boots, topshop- UKuncut Newsnight. twitter meetings to organise protests.

The central hub of campaigning doesn’t need to be in the nextdoor bar or pub any longer but is more efficient online.

The virtual policy network. Liquid Democracy and the Pirate Party

Political process is outside of our own lives- 2 different realms. Change is catalysed by the digital space, 2 way process- permeability and blurring of boundaries. What is the interaction between the two?

Other significant social movements: Annoynmous and the Spartacus report (links disability and activism)
http://anonnews.org/ and http://wearespartacus.org.uk/spartacus-report/

social media doesn’t create new stuff and we all know that but it sheds lights on alternative ways of sharing. It forefronts the sharing process as opposed to commodification. Social media is a zone of strategic struggle- a contested space but still very open cultural affordances can enter.

Invisibility still exist- imperical data is not all behind the scenes

Manuell Castells: Sociological effects of New communications era.

AFFECT: emotional- not individualised – shared and flowing. Hashtags trigger this.

We need to realise ourselves as renewed active agents.

Facebook- in egypt – arab spring- ethos mentality for organisation

Tweet in the streets: http://www.tweetsandthestreets.org/




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