Week 1 class notes

Here are my notes from class:

  • Soft Power: concept developed by Joseph Nye of Harvard Uni. The ability to attract and co-opt rather than coerce, use force or give money as a means of persuasion.
  • Book: Bound to lead: the Changing nature of American Power
  • Why China Lacks Gagnam Style: The communist party declared culture as a national priority and vowed to produce its own share of global cultural brands. In China, culture and the art develops under the watchful eye of the government and anything too hip and interesting gets either shut down or brought up.
  • In contrast, In Korea artists and entertainers have a lot of free space that is highly commercialized but free of the heavy hand of the state.
  • Starbucks- Victim of twitter campaign gone wrong.
  • Gibson’s Social Pyschology of Percepetion. Social Affordances
  • PR Disaster with NESTLE: Greenpeace launched against Nestle Killer “ask the nestle to give rainforest a break”. Usage of Orangutan picture, posted a video which nestle wanted removed- youtube agreed to post it for them and so the social media storm began. Soon that too was censored. Greenpeace found a new place for the video on vimeo- 75,000 views but then it got removed too. It then got onto Facebook and Nestle Fan Page and flooded with negative comments.They then made google ads which offered video as gifts with the option to share it online via fb, twitter and email. The news went mainstream into traditional media after just 4 days. Articles stated things such as “How a company can really screw up social media”, “a major social media fail”.  Amazing “case study” to analyse the power of social media and how much comments on fb, twitter, can actually influence the public and tarnish big corporations.

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