Inspiration for 3rd year project

OFFF  Year Zero Barcelona

A reflection of the dark thoughts of a possible future.

So the main underlying idea is: what would happen if the future lands on our doorstep today? Let’s take mankind, add perhaps 100 years and then let them show up on our doorstep today. The future would pretty much devour the present. Probably in a matter of, let’s say, 7 days… So that’s what we’re looking at. But every ending also means a new beginning, hence Year Zero.

Other inspirational pictures I found to do with my area of interest for the project – the beauty of death and decay.

I want to build something around the following ideas

  • The aesthetic of Life and degradation
  • Nature taking hold of synthetic environment
  • 2012 as the end of the world
  • the cycle of life
  • rebirth
  • religion

A beautiful video I came across when searching for decay- Solidarités International and its agency BDDP Unlimited built a campaign to gain awareness of the scourge of undrinkable water. This video struck me for its beauty and use of water ink, something I definitely want to use in the project as ink is both black representing death and poisonous.

Other inspirational pictures:


another inspirational video and text that I found:


Light and dark, noise and calm, beauty, decay, pain and hope–these are the shattering contrasts that propel our lives ahead in the boundless, throbbing river of existence. None of us knows what the next moment will bring, the raptures and terrifying discoveries born with every choice. And yet, in the alternation of day and night, in the ebb and tide of the oceans, in the constant expansion and quiet contraction of our lungs in and out with each breath–we know our journey is not random chaos but a journey where every shouting supernova, every trembling cell, returns to the one perfect mystery from which we all come and go.Instead, in the rotation of the stars, planets, seasons, increase, loss, sadness, joy, struggle, surrender– there is a cosmic beauty, a unity and purpose.


It is similar to the big bang, how its mystery is revealed through contrasts and how it will finish with hope and serenity

The technique used was natural treated ocean water to get the best result with ink. This technique is actually ancient art form mainly known in Turkey and some parts of middle east. If you search for water marbling or “ebru” on youtube. Its an experimentation of  juxtaposing traditional art with digital media, something I definitely want to combine in this project.


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