choosing sky images for moving background

for my intro page, which i have decided to make quite abstract i want to make a moving sky background upon which a cutout of a rooftop and the outline of the zoingimage shop emerge. accompanied by a soundtrack of inside and outside of the shop (camera snapshot, closing door, printer, cutting, ppl talking outside and walking, cars, seagulls)

I then want to it to say “the man behind zoing image”

have everything fade out  and have it say “serge rolland” and the sky pans downwards onto the building of zoing image, upon which is the MENU

So here are some snapshots of what i have got so far!

main menu page–the cameras, dog and heart will all become buttons leading to different parts of the docu!

example: heart will lead to his timeline


what really helped me to make the moving sky background in flash was this tutorial that i found on youtube:


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