(Re) Thinking Documentary

Some quotes that help me re-think what exactly Documentary IS:

The documentary film is a distinctive form of moving image culture, linked to the cultural history of photography

The “myth of photographic truth”: media can never make an unmediated copy of reality

“The documentary is a Bruzzi, S (2000)

negotiation between reality on the one hand and image, interpretation and bias on the other.”

“The documentary structures unstructured moments through a journey.”

“Documentaries explore (…) people and (…) situations.”

“The documentary implies some kind of social criticism.”

“Documentaries need a good story.”

Documentaries are a piece of art work.”



“New media forms pose a fundamental challenge to the principle of narrative coherence, which is at the core of traditional documentary.”

media rich & enticing: different media types, alternative points of view/angles

• interactive & multi-linear: exploring v watching; individual trajectories through the material, facilitates exploring, playing, browsing

• hyperlinking & contextualising : embedding

the production in a web of relevant links

• delivery for a range of different platforms (convergence)

• continuous updates, changes, and configurations (e.g. customisation)

• collaborative approach: feedback, participation, comments


Below are some more examples of interactive documentaries that i’ve found on the web!


I really like the above documentary because of the way the two videos have been sliced together ,with the addition of text and voiceovers of the different individuals. I also like the idea of including a map, pictures, and a blog.

Here is a screen shot of the interface. I quite like it as it is simple with its squares-however, i feel that this interface only looks good if you have a loooooot of information!!


This “Inside 9/11” interactive documentary shown on the National geographic Channel is also an extremely good example!

“Inside 9/11” traces the timeline that led up to the deadly attacks, spanning decades and circling the globe to lay bare the roots of al Qaeda. Capturing the horror and heroism witnessed on September 11, 2001, “Inside 9/11” takes you into the last moments of those who died that day and the thousands of others who survived the tragedy.

Read more: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/inside-911#tab-Interactive#ixzz149C1Tfxh

Inside 9/11 Interviews

Browse more than 50 videos from the Inside 9/11 Interview Archive. This Web-only interactive includes over two hours of never-before-seen eyewitness accounts, and expert commentaries about the policies and events that led up to the disaster.

Read more: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/inside-911#tab-Interactive#ixzz1499nCiU

Contains a great overview video/photos/interactive/blos- but then again, this an enormous issue and doesn’t quite fit into the style im going for as this is heavy and controversial.









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