meeting with Serge Rolland

My first meeting with Serge went very well!! We had one hour together and in that time I managed to shoot a 30min interview and snapshots and pannings of the shop from inside and outside. I also got shots of him flicking through his book talking about several photographs.

I presented him with 8 questions and gave him time to look and think about them before filming him. we also made breaks when I thought of other things to ask him.

Below are the main guiding questions that I used:


1) why did you decide to come over from France to the UK?

2) what did you end up doing in the UK and how did you end up in Brighton from london?

3) What enabled you to open up zoingimage?

4) What sort of photographs do you take and prefer the most?

5) What inspires you?

6) Does Brighton inspire you?

7) What is it about Brighton that keeps you here?

8) Although you sell many lomography cameras, why is it not your friend?


Below are also some of his works!!








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