3D toy story still

‘….at each stage, with every technical advance and each new invention, the cinema loses in poetry what it gains in intelligence, and loses in mystery what it gains in realism.’ – Francois Truffaut


useful blog i found:


I LOVE this animation called animator vs. animation      iron giant trailer


kinetic typography: pulp fiction- marcelus wallace

Jurassic park (steven spielberg) Spielberg hired Stan Winson Studios’ puppets and worked with industrial light and magic to develop cutting-edge CGI (computer generated imagery) to portray the dinosaurs. CGI allows  a single graphic artist to produce such content without the use of actors, expensive set pieces, or props.



The nightmare before christmas


(1993) – This Tim Burton stop motion fantasy film was originally released in 1993, the 3D re-release was in 2006



A 1995 anime filmed directed by Mamoru Oshiia


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