final pictures Im using for my project

Here are 9 of my favourite pictures which Im going to use for the final project.. still need to take away 2 or 3. I wanted a variety of different pictures that portray sides of the carousel that one maybe hasn’t seen before.

For my sound im using the sound of the carousel, kids talking and laughing, the sound of heavy wind and a voice over of the following poem by Bonnie Manion

The Carousel

carries taut equestrian limbs
in furious flight, a horse race
frozen in time, where carved
nostrils permanently flare,  painted
teeth are forever bared,  panting
wooden necks always reach,  airborne
legs strain and breach, their speed and
freedom captured in music–
a mirrored, gilded, glorious ride
gone in an instant

Here are my pictures:

As one can see from my pictures the carousel doesn’t appear to me very popular these days (shown by the few people using the carousel) However it still remains till today one of the most traditional rides for children with its colourful, and carefully carved horses and its kitsch appeal. It is continuously preserved and taken care of, even if the ride is not being used one can see the guard watching it. I was inspired by Fridlander’s work and his reflections, this helped me be a little more experimental in my shoots.


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