Researching Graphic Design

This page will be used to document my research on graphic design, as it  is an important part of digital media.

What exactly is graphic design?

It is the  process and art of combining text and graphics in order to communicate an effective/important message. Graphic design can be used for a variety of media for example brochures, logos, newsletters, posters, signs- anything that is visual.

The objective of graphic design is to give an order to information so it is easily understood, to form ideas, express emotion or feeling of human experience. When used for advertising it uses these previous noted concepts so as to increase the sale of goods and services.


To help me obtain ideas for my future graphic design I work I decided to start out by researching various famous graphic artists.

The first one I came across is Neville Brody ( he was particulary famous in the 80s due to his exceptional typographc design work on british magazines- famous examples are “THE FACE” and “ARENA” magazines.

neville-brody002Here is an example of one of Neville’s designs for an Nike Advertisement. The various sizes of the fonts and postitions and contrast between black and white help to visualize the “power” of the shoes which is described by the words “bounce” , “smash” and “slam”. It is also easy to identify that the brand is “nike”  as it is printed in a distinct red colour and nike’s main phrase “just do it” is integrated many times.

David Carson– another graphic designer who uses the newly invented desktop publishing tools and is an influential designer for both print and web.

Here is an example of a Carson design:

davidcarson05thumbnailHe breaks through the conventional methods of typography- he intergrates various fonts types (also handwriting and scribbles are used), overlaps them, places them at different angles and uses symmetry. I like this flyer very much, it’s composition definitely attracts the eye immediately- the colours used all fit very well together. The image of  a fraction of the face is not only drawn exceptionally well but it adds to this feeling of mystery, chaotic, unknown emotion which the flyer presents, in my opinion.

The third and last designer whom I researched for today is Milton Glaser. He is one of the most famous american graphic designers of the 20th century. He is the master mind behind popular icons such as ” I LOVE NY” campaign for the new york state department of commerce and advertising. His works include posters, record covers and soup cans- all types of print design.

here are 2 examples of his designs:

urbanforest_glaser_smdarfur_poster_400 these are two campaign advertisements which in my opinion are both very effective and concise as the viewer catches the message “that people are all the same” in a matter of seconds. We all share the same roots (shown by the different coloured branches. The hand is also been photoshopped very cleaverly showing each type of skin colour intertwined into one-again to represent the idea of people across the world being “united”. The “darfur” poster is also very simple and for every viewer of nearly any age group to understand. The words are written in a clear bold font and are each crossed out which given with the phrase “what happens in darfur happens to us” highlights the idea that as we are all one nation; we too lose our “cousins”, “grandpas” ect  amongst  the victims of Darfur.


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